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2009: FLICKR pics

@jungledisk pink gorilla

2009: TALK:
Mashup Spirituality (slides)


2009: INTERVIEW: PBS interview with Zadi Diaz


my.sxsw profile

2009 panels
How to Rawk SXSW
Mashup Spirituality & The Belief Buffet


++++++++++ OLDER SXSTUFF ++++++++++



2006 - "Millions of Video Voices."

2007 "What do you like best about the Internet?"




below are a few of the parody videos played while I hosted the web awards (98-2003)

I made this video which played at the 2001 SXSW Web Awards



Mac SWITCH Parody (1 of 3) shown at Web Awards

My opening monologue discussed how the web has lost a bit of its cool factor. So SXSW launched a PR campaign to promote computer use...To get people to "switch" to a computer. ;)


2001 Web Awards:
"All Your SXSW Base"
by Halcyon


2002 Photoshop Tennis Parody between Heather Gold and I (created by 3rd party)


program cover by Mike King

hosted by John Halcyon Styn

cover art by Mike King


Switch Parody Ads
from 2003 & shawn@sxsw






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